When I reflect back on the entrepreneurs I was inspired by they all had one unique quality about them, they were fundamentally the best people in the world to solve those problems and had a unique authenticity. – Tristan Walker

Great segment in a recent fireside chat at Southland: 2014 hosted by Sarah Lacy of PandoDaily. She interviews Tristan Walker to cover racism in tech and other great insights about his personal experience growing up in NYC to boarding schools and working on Wall Street, Twitter, and Foursquare.

For some more background about Tristan Walker (his personal site and twitter) and his startup Walker and Company, often cited as the ‘Proctor and Gamble for People of Color’.

Dan at Clarity interviewed me as part of the new Clarity Live product which are ‘live Q&A events that connect game changing business leaders with up-and-coming entrepreneurs’. Continue Reading

Was interviewed by Dan at Clarity as part of their new Clarity Live product which are live Q&A events that connect ‘game changing business leaders with up-and-coming entrepreneurs’. Hope you enjoy the segment, let me know if this was helpful by commenting below and I can answer some specific questions right here on this post. Continue Reading

I was interviewed by Dan Martell over at Clarity as part of their new Clarity Live product which are live Q&A events that connect ‘game changing business leaders with up-and-coming entrepreneurs’.

I don’t know about ‘game changing’ but I try my best :-) Enjoy this little clip here and let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. Continue Reading


There has been a huge growth of all new ad networks based around content personalization and recommendation on publishers websites large and small like:

  • CNN
  • Fast Company
  • Food Network
  • TMZ
  • Time

Several of the big winners powering these new native ad formats include companies like:

  • Outbrain
  • Taboola
  • Gravity
  • Disqus

These ads are typified by a catchy visual thumbnail and a catchy title begging you to click on the piece of ‘recommended content’.

It is the ‘buzzfeed-ification’ of content and the advent of every copywriting headline technique known to man on every single blog post on the entire internet.

For better or for worse it is here. Why? Because I click the ads and you click the ads. We can’t help ourselves. Continue Reading

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